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About YES Busia

Youth Environment Service (YES) is a registered local Non-government (NGO) and non-profit community service organization established in 2000 and registered by a group of young volunteers and women, arising out of the environmental health challenges and social economic vulnerability affecting the communities. The organization is located in Busia Municipal Council and operates in Busia District, Eastern Region of Uganda. For the last 17 years, YES has worked towards building confidence and community capacities in water, hygiene, sanitation, and waste management, youth & women empowerment, sports & talent promotion, environmental conservation, and HIV/AIDS prevention as well as in the implementation of activities in reproductive health and disaster risk reduction. For several reasons due to declining resource availability per capita, shrinking economic opportunities in rural areas, and opportunities and services in urban areas making urban towns in virtually every town, per capita consumption of goods and services in urban areas higher than in rural communities.


Our Projects

What are we working on?

The aim of our program is to build the capacity of households in urban and rural areas and promote sustainable, equal and non-discriminating access to sufficient, safe, physically accessible and adequate sanitation for communities

“To have women in Uganda go through pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period safely, and their babies born alive and healthy”. The overall goal is to accelerate the reduction of maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality in Uganda 

The organisation will take special measures to protect the environment and to promote the rational use of land, with the aim to unite three basic factors needed for sustainable development; beneficiaries, innovations and institutions in order to combine human and economic development.

The organization is dedicated to the empowerment of community especially women and children, to realize their potential as human beings with a view toward contributing to just and sustainable society. 

The need to bring together positive living young people from across the district and sister service providers with an aim of empowering, motivating and considerably increasing creativity and innovativeness among them is vital in the fight against HIV infection in the District.

With football, the organization is able to address disparities in access and utilization of sexual and reproductive health information, communication, education and services by adolescents.



I was born in a Christian family of ten children of which I am the only girl where football could be emerging as a practice or any ones favorite thing to get engaged.  Personally, I disliked it and had never dreamt that I would ever get myself in playing football. During my studies I had friends who loved and played football, I admired them and worked towards being like them. After my education life became financially difficult and its only football that has enabled me to wave smiling at YES. It has become everything to me regardless of my gender, cultural belief, religion, ethnicity and nationality. Being in the field with children and adolescent young girls and women; has enhanced my ability to make new friends who have continued helping me to improve on my football skills, though sometimes I kick air; and breaking my traditional norm, it has given me the passion to work closely with young people and impacting the community as a coach. “For me now in any field is nothing, but football”

-Night Mary

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Contact Info


0785980406 or 0792312702

P.O.Box,404, Busia Uganda, Plot 28, Egessa Wabudi Building, Majanji Road

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