Internships and Volunteering

Length of service

Our volunteers with high interest to join us, would take between 3 months to 1 year in service with YES and may serve in a variety of positions. Meanwhile, those applying for the internship will follow the usually allocated time line as per the institutional schedule. 

Volunteering has long been a common ethics and practice at YES and is full of opportunities. With people each year giving their time without expectation of compensation and may be performed with the core intention of helping others, the community, and the organization. There is also common wisdom that these volunteers benefit and learn a lot meaning they also receive such social benefits.

We invite people of all backgrounds who wish to actively participate in our endeavor to create a life of dignity for our constituencies in Busia District in Uganda where we serve. We open this invitation to people who have the desire to be of service to the organization and its community and who have an open heart and mind willing to work both in rural and urban areas of project intervention.

For those willing to volunteer, our program offers a wide range of experiences from unique friendships, field experiences, and life-enriching cross-cultural encounters to work experience rarely available in the outside world. The main objective of having volunteers here at YES is to support our staff members and to give additional attention to our adolescent girls and children in sports for social impacts programme.

The volunteers will have the opportunity to share their talents and knowledge while serving others. Often our volunteers are highly trained and skilled individuals who YES otherwise could not afford or find in Uganda where our activities are located, and they will always bring fresh ideas and skills.



Volunteers must be at least between 21 to 50 years of age and in good health. We accept both genders male or female.


Anyone interested in applying as a volunteer or internship, please email: yes.busia@yahoo.comor

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