Using the previous experience of using the power of football to promote lifesaving water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) knowledge and behavior change among children and adolescents.YES in partnership with the village environment committees (VECs} and the sanitation improvement committees (SIC} and the stakeholders are committed to popularizing effective strategy for sanitation service delivery and improved health in the informal settlements. The aim of our program is to build the capacity of households in urban and rural areas and promote sustainable, equal and non-discriminating access to sufficient, safe, physically accessible and adequate sanitation for communities by promoting a-right based-approach to sanitation and hygiene service delivery through sanitation counseling, demonstration, and home visiting.

We endeavor to address the needs of underserved most at risk homes living in informal settlements without access to improved sanitation services, and where hygiene and sanitation related services are virtually nonexistent, support to upgrade sanitation facilities, improve on human health, and reduce water-borne, and sanitation-related illnesses.  Our activities also promote basic health education and awareness program, visit most at risk villages and most at risk households, reach schools with football for WASH games, providing combined improvement in the physical infrastructure and software support.

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