Youth and Female


In Eastern Uganda, the most challenging problems and challenges blamed for escalating child abuse is domestic violence, poverty, girl child abuse, sexual abuse and, drug abuse. Both girls and boys experience unacceptably high rates of sexual and physical violence. The organization is dedicated to the empowerment of community especially women and children, to realize their potential as human beings with a view toward contributing to just and sustainable society. The organization is using sports and games in addressing issues of social injustices among children and youths through gender-focused human rights program. YES builds and strengthens youth economic opportunities by creating opportunities and networks that result in stronger partnerships. The organization is implementing a number of exciting new initiatives, including life skills education and football training, recreation and protection from harm, employing a participatory approach to plan and implement child protection/awareness training within the community providing these children with the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to become productive members of society.

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